Send-Safe Mailer

Send-Safe is a bulk-emailing program that allows you to send email from your own computer, or a remote computer with or without the use of proxies. In those countries where it is legal to use proxies, the Send-Safe program can make it impossible for anyone to trace the email back to your ISP and thus keeps your connection to the internet safe. This gives you a safe haven in which to send your mail.


Send-Safe Mailer


1 Send-Safe credit means 1 sent email. No proxies included.

Number of credits Working period Price (Euro) Order now
5 000 000 30 days (free extension) 50 order
Unlimited 30 days (no free extension) 499 order

Please change the quanity field to reflect the amount of credits you wish to purchase.
You will receive your send-safe account info by email within 24 hours.
You can extend your account for free at the Members Area.

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