Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter

Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter is a tool designed for checking lists of HTTPS and SOCKS proxies for so called "honey pots". "Honey pots" are fake proxies run by the people who are attempting to frame bulkers by using those fake proxies for logging traffic through them and then send complaints to ones' ISPs.

Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter

Key features:

Latest version: 3.2.16
Released: 2006-09-27
Click here to download demo version of Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter 3.2.3

Send-Safe Honeypot Hunter is shareware. Unregistered version does not save any results.
Registered version costs Euro 199 only. To purchase it please click here

WARNING: Version 3.x requires a new registration key. It's free for registered users, please send a request to support.

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