Send-Safe Mailer

Send-Safe is a bulk email software that allows you to send email from your own computer, or a remote computer with or without the use of proxies. In those countries where it is legal to use proxies, the Send-Safe program can make it impossible for anyone to trace the email back to your ISP and thus keeps your connection to the internet safe. This gives you a safe haven in which to send your mail.
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Send-Safe Standalone

Send-Safe Standalone is a standalone version of one of the most successful and efficient bulk email software in the industry. It's designed specially for those top mailers who prefer to pay once for the software once and then don't spend extra money for the huge volume of their mailings. Purchasing Send-Safe Standalone, you get all the power of our famous Send-Safe mailer but pay only one time fee, with no troubles of credits overrun, account expiration, lost server connections and so on.
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Send-Safe Enterprise

Send-Safe Enterprise is a "cluster" mailer, which can be a real solution for big mailers who use 2 or more servers in their campaigns.
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Send-Safe List Manager

Send-Safe Email List Manager is a brand new email list management software from Send-Safe. It is specially designed for performing all kinds of manipulations over the huge email lists.
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